Sarah Barnett of SundanceTV: Your Imperfection Can Be Your Strength

sarah sundance

sarah sundanceEveryone often wonders what it takes to become successful in life whether it is in business, personal life or with the careers we choose.   Sarah Barnett President of SundanceTV a cable and satellite network owned by AMC Networks, shares her insights on success in her career.  In her family life  she shares her leadership roles when she was younger and says ” That’s something I’ve taken with me through different roles — that awareness of the group, what the gaps are and what needs to be done.”

Some of the most important tips she shares are starting out is not to be too fixed, and to be open.  Her openness of being curious about what might come along, and trusting her reaction to it. She realized as a leader, it’s O.K. for me to fail in terms of my management at times.  When it comes to hiring new people she integrates all of the new people by ” asking new people three questions: “Where did you go to high school? What’s your favorite TV show? What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?” They’re quite revealing and interesting.”  Everybody gets heard, and it gives me information that we might use to change strategy.

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