Remember All Those Passwords? No Need


A5119009214_8e8155083ere you the type of person that has more than one password for different websites because you fear your account will be hacked.  Well no more worries a new solution to this password headache could save you lots of time and trouble.

What is the best solution to this problem?

The only decent solution is to install a dedicated password memorization program (like Roboform, Keepass, LastPass, 1Password, and so on).  These time saving features are available for Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android.  Installation is quick. Dashlane works in Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It can import existing password “vaults” from rival programs.  Dashlane has two primary features. First, yes, it’s a password memorizer. Every time you type your account name and password into a Web page and press enter, Dashlane pops up, offering to memorize that information and fill it in the next time.  Dashlane’s second huge feature is even more amazing. It can also fill in other kinds of Web site forms: your name/address/phone number, and even your credit card information.

These services can rid people of the hassle of having multiple passwords and worrying about being hacked.

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