Recap Twitter Party #LatismHealth Latino Community and Mental Health Awareness


Recap_twittter_Party#LATISMHEALTHMental Health in the Latino community has great stigma surrounding the topic.  It doesn’t help that people keep their troubles and anxieties to themselves.  Creating a network where people can freely share their disorders can be liberating.  Last night, our twitter party covered the topic of Mental Health and Awareness.  Everyone’s insight created more awareness around the issue and hopefully people suffering from mental disorders now feel more comfortable speaking about their issues.  Kids that grow up in households where mental health is neglected creates an atmosphere that doesn’t promote acceptance.  Most people during our chat could agree that welcoming the conversation of mental health in homes is a step toward breaking the stigma.

Here are some of the top tweets





I hope we continue as a community to advocate for mental health.  If you see someone in your family struggling, a neighbor, friend, co-worker say something don’t ignore the signs.  Make a difference speak up and listen mental health is just as important as physical health.




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