Recap: The Importance of Mentorship LATISM Twitter Party with Toyota

Students participating in the Toyota/Boys and Girls Club of America D2D Program

Students participating in the Toyota/Boys and Girls Club of America D2D Program







Yesterday, LATISM dedicated a full day to the topic of Education, specifically as it relates to Mentoring students. During the day, we had the pleasure to attend the launch of a partnership between Toyota and the Boys and Girls Club of America. At the event, Toyota announced they are donating 1.5 million to BGCA to develop a college readiness initiative, D2D: Diplomas to Degrees, which will help fund youth education and improve high school graduation rates. Don’t miss our post with more details, photos and videos of the fun-filled event this coming Monday.

Then last night, LATISM folks once again demonstrated that although they may come in more different colors than M&Ms, if there’s one topic that truly makes us pull on the brown-colored uniform is that of education.

As parents, educators and in some cases, mentors themselves, this is definitely a topic that hit home… and they shared their passionate views on everything from the conditions of the educational system and the inexistent resources available for children of color, to the lack of Spanish-language support for parents, to their commitment to become mentors themselves. They also sang the praises of Toyota and The Boys and Girls Club of America for developing such a worthy initiative.

Read their ideas and comments in full splendor on our MENTORSHIP LATISM PARTY TRANSCRIPT, and don’t forget to share it with others whom it may inspire. Most of all, let’s walk the walk: There’s always someone around who can benefit from the knowledge only YOU possess = Become a Mentor!

Disclaimer: This party was sponsored by Toyota. LATISM is a non-profit organization. The generous support of our sponsors and partners helps LATISM organize and fund our scholarships, educational events, conferences and other programs throughout the year. For more information on the Toyota/Boys and Girls Club of America partnership, please visit



    LatinaComm 8 years ago

    Mentorship is by far one of my favorite topics. This was an excellent chat and I truly hope we can put into action all the things that were suggested/recommended.

    Jolie du Pre 8 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tweets on this project.  I particularly agree with the comment about expecting our children to attend college, but then expecting them to figure out tuition.  We have to work together as a community to help our youth, and that extends on up through college and beyond.

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