Ready For Thanksgiving? How to Chose the right Turkey


Thanksgiving is a few weeks away! Many people are not always sure how to pick just the right turkey, with not too dry meat.

There are turkey farms, where there turkeys are fed with antibiotics and growing agents, and denied access to fresh air or sunshine, to the less conventional, where they’re allowed to run around, go outside, and eat feed that’s all actual food.

These turkeys have a different lifestyle, but also a different flavor.  They’re generally heritage breeds, rather than the regular breasted white and so their dark-to-white meat ratio is higher. Since they grow more slowly and move around, their meat isn’t as soft and fine-grained. That’s why the dry white meat is a perennial Thanksgiving hazard is that fast-growing birds are necessarily bred to put on lean as fast as they can. Meanwhile, the slower growing turkey has more fat, flavor and texture that are more like other kinds of meat.

Click Here to see more facts about the Turkey you’re going to eat this Thanksgiving!




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