Ready Access to Plan B Pills in City Schools


sex_ed21Sex education is not an easy topic in schools around the country and with the availability of Plan B pills  in schools we don’t want to send the youth the wrong message about birth control.  Last month, the Obama administration seemingly changed the landscape of access to emergency contraception across the country when, in a reversal, it agreed to allow the best-known pill, Plan B One-Step, to become available to all ages without a prescription.

Some schools in New York City are providing young girls with the Plan B pill and parents do not necessarily know their daughters can get the pill from their nurse.  New York City had long ago come to an accommodation with the idea that girls as young as 13 or 14 should have easy access to the pill.  Are these girls too young to be having access to the pill?  Have school officials given up in giving girls the sex talk?  It is understandable that girls in neighborhoods with high pregnancy rates need intervention but, giving the pill to girls more than 3 times is not teaching them anything.

New York is not the only city to take Plan B right to teenagers; similar school-based health centers either prescribe or administer the contraceptives in Baltimore; Chicago; Oakland, Calif.; and all over Colorado, among other places. But New York’s ambitious push on Plan B is striking in light of its history with contraceptives in schools.

Parents are need to be involved in this matter specially when they have young teenage girls who are not mature enough to be making big decisions about their sexuality.  Sex education begins in the home and giving these girls the pill and expecting not to have serious repercussions is quite naive.

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