Raising the next Bill Gates


7828544570_fc478e8de3Finally, parents and officials are seeing the importance of introducing technology to their children at a young age.  Parents have worried about screen time for a long time, but when they see their children are involved in educational tech programs they can’t say no.  Pixel Academy, an extracurricular tech wonderland for kids in Brooklyn, NY is a new place for children to create new websites,apps and video games.

“Parents read in the news that we’re falling behind in science in engineering careers. When their kids come here, they can stop worrying about schools keeping up to date with technology,” said Fischthal, 30, who sunk his life savings and retirement account into opening Pixel Academy.

It is absolutely phenomenal that children are developing these skills at a young age.  These children have a shot at being tech’s new kid millionaire, by having them learn computer coding — the fundamentals of how to build websites, make apps and design video games.  These are advanced skills that could land them great jobs in the future.

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