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For some of us, it has been a few years since our four kids graduated from Florida’s public school system, but we still remember the stress and pressure we all endured during standardized testing season.

Education policy issues appear to be hotly contested not just in Florida, but across the board.

Some parents have voiced concerned with “overly testing” claiming that it takes away from “teaching time” from the conventional curriculum. However, other parents believe that measuring students’ progress is a critical component to improving student achievement in our state.

According President Barack Obama’s Blueprint for Reform, assessments better inform classroom instruction to respond to academic needs and measure how schools, principals, and teachers are educating students.

Indeed, without meaningful assessments of student learning, neither the parents nor the teachers will know whether students are getting the education they need and deserve.

We know that testing provides parents with honest, objective information on how their children are doing. It also helps identify struggling students and schools, so they get the resources they need.

But how much testing is too much testing?

It turns out that some districts administered duplicative and unnecessary tests.

Florida recognized that testing needed to be streamlined.

As a result, districts were encouraged to review and improve the local assessment they required in addition to what is already measured by Florida state assessments.

Districts started cutting back on their own local tests–a good step  toward fewer and better tests.

The more we can reduce duplicative tests, move to better tests and ones that parents and teachers believe add value, the better we will be.


By WendyRivera_Esq and Yamira Lee Johnson @BusinessNature



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