Power Industry Execs Screaming Over Solar


In what can only be described as a textbook example of corporate behavior, power company executives are asking the U.S. government to stop subsidizing home solar installations because, they claim, it’s a threat to the U.S. power industry. The fact that home solar, though growing, still only represents less than one quarter of one percent of the power generated in the U.S. and that the claims are wildly overblown, only makes these people look even greedier and more shifty than usual.

What’s making them crazy is the practice of net metering, which pays residential and commercial customers for excess renewable energy they sell back to utilities. Nothing freaks a utility executive worse than having to actually pay a homeowner for power as opposed to the norm where the homeowner pays inflated prices for power to support a corrupt industry that’s wrecking the environment in order to maintain profits.

There’s not doubt that change is coming and the need for clean, renewable energy is growing, but greedy companies would rather fight the inevitable. It seems the power industry would be far better off if they jumped on the bandwagon and got into solar themselves, but change is scary for the wealthy people behind the industry. We can only hope the federal government as well as the states stay the course and do what’s right for the planet and for consumers instead of what large companies are demanding.

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