Open that ipad before you buy it

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Is your ipad a real apple product?

Suzanne Nassise bought an ipad  at a Walmart in Brocktown Massachussets from a popular retailer and realized it was not authentic.  She was under the impression she purchased a brand new $499 ipad.  Suzzanne went to try the ipad and realized the imitation iPad  was an iFake.  This ifake was a replicate of the real ipad and it had an altered charging port and speakers, the latter of which were small, painted-on dots.

If you think this only happened at this retail store you are mistaken!

This happened to numerous shoppers that have purchased what they thought were iPads, only to find a worthless decoy inside the box.  Some stores refuse to give refunds because they think the buyers might be trying to scam them.  The majority of news reports on the problem have involved iPad purchases at Walmart however, Walmart is not the only retail store guilty of this scam.  This has happened at Best buys stores and at smart shop as well.

How can we protect ourselves as consumers?

Walmart’s Gee recommends that iPad shoppers open the box and check the tablet carefully before making a purchase.  Double-check the serial number on the box.

Businessman Ken thought he purchased a legitimate ipad from a Walmart Lemal was told the product was sent from the manufacturer.  After being scammed Lamal suggests    “If you have an issue, don’t rely on the retailer to just check the item that’s inside the box; call Apple and verify the serial number that’s on the box itself,” he said. “Either require them to do it while there, or when you get home …

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