7/14 LATISM: Winning the Future-LATISM at the White House

LATISM's own Elianne Ramos and Juan Sepúlveda, Director of the White House Initiative for Hispanic Excellence in Education

Last night, we had a very special LATISM party: we asked our tweeps [via Twitter] to give us feedback on the White House Policy Conference we participated on this week. The responses, as I expected, were all unbelievably pointed, feasible, progressive ideas on policy, education, immigration reform and other issues affecting the community.

Best of all, we had the honor of having the folks from the White House Initiative on Excellence in Education for Hispanics join us!

The following transcript, along with a detailed report of our conversation, has been forwarded to them, as LATISM wants to ensure that YOU are part of the process as we move along with initiatives on behalf of our community and in conjunction with the Administration and leaders of the Latino Community.
Enjoy the transcript and rest assured, LATISM, your tweets are being read!

Transcript LATISM-WinningFuture


LATISM’s own Elianne Ramos and Juan Sepúlveda, Director of the White House             Initiative for Hispanic Excellence in Education.

By now, you may be aware of LATISM’s participation in this week’s White House Hispanic Policy Conference: an unprecedented opportunity designed to promote meaningful action within our community through direct two-way conversations with fellow community leaders as well as elected and appointed government officials.

For those of you who followed the two days activities via Twitter and FB, it was perhaps a bit of a challenge to really feel the level of energy in the White House for the duration of the Conference.

Tonight, we want to make sure that you are part in the continued conversations derived from the conference. LATISM would like to find out your impressions about what you thought about the conference and how it played out online, and most importantly, we’d like to hear your insights about some of the issues discussed during the conference.

  • What are your thoughts about the conference format of open, two-way access to government officials?
  • What did you think of the way new media was integrated with the live event?
  • As we continue the two-way conversation with the Administration about the future of our community, what could be some good strategies for them to better connect with us and the Latino community at large?
  • How about other community organizations invited, what are the opportunities for our organization to leverage the connections made at the conference to further the Latino cause?
  • What issues should be our primary focus as we develop follow up initiatives?
  • What do you hope comes out of these conversations with the Administration and other Latino leaders?

Join us and let’s brainstorm about the best ways for Latinos to win the future!





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