Obamacare could be tough sell in rural areas


nebraskaThe biggest critic against this new health care reform is whether people will be able to afford it.  The answer is probably not!  Families that don’t have insurance are not simply negligent.  Who doesn’t want to have insurance for their kids?  Most of these  families are low income are have outrageous hospital bills.  Paying a fine for not having health care coverage does not mean all uninsured families will immediately purchase healthcare.  Obamacare could be extremely difficult to put into effect.

Rural families are more likely to qualify for subsidized coverage, but reaching them to sign up will be part of the challenge.

Rural families like Bob Bernt and his wife Kristine sell cheese and ice cream from their Clear Creek Organic Farms on the banks of the Cedar River.  Bernt said it has been 20 years since he or his wife had health insurance. It started when one of their children was born prematurely, with cerebral palsy. The family was left with a load of debt. Then, a dispute with their insurance carrier emptied their bank account.

Almost 200,000 Nebraskans don’t have health insurance. Nearly half of them are spread across the state’s rural areas.

This story sounds very familiar, once you have existing medical debt it is too expensive to return to the hospital?  Perhaps in an emergency situation families will visit the emergency room.  The reality is that for diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes and Heart disease continuous medical treatment is necessary.  Early diagnosis is what can save someone’s life.  If people don’t have annual check ups, how will they know how they have a serious medical condition?

Serious action needs to be taken when it comes to healthcare it is not an individual household problem it is a humanities issue.

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