Obama Proposes Plan to Lower College Costs


President Obama is proposing a plan that would rate colleges based on a number of criteria and then tie federal aid to how they rank. Understandably, many in college administration are wary but with the current gridlock in Congress, they probably don’t have much to worry about. The plan, which borrows from ideas and programs already underway in a number of states, has the overall goal of making college more affordable by directing aid and low cost loans to schools that provide the best quality education for the most competitive price.

The plan will look at everything from enrollment, to tuition costs as well as graduation rates and earnings of graduates. The idea is to determine if a school is educating people in an efficient and cost-effective manner and to use those numbers to help reduce student debt. “It’s important to us that colleges offer good value for their tuition dollars, and that higher education offer families a degree of security so students aren’t left with debt they can’t pay back,” said an unnamed senior administration official.

The plan merits serious consideration but as long as the GOP is in charge of the House, it will likely never make it out of the starting gate. The roughly $1 trillion in current college debt in this country means very little to John Boehner and his cronies in the House. Their only interest is in continuing to stop any legitimate progress proposed by the administration because they hate the president and his programs on principle. And the band played on…

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