Obama Looks to the Clean Air Act as Inspiration for Tackling Climate


President Obama’s Climate Action Plan outlines the new federal regulations on restricting carbon pollution in an effort to fight global warming.  The new plan consists of  cutting carbon emissions stateside in an across-the-board fashion but acknowledges that this step is just the start. The second aspect of the new plan is to “prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change,” including sea level rise, fires and coastal flooding. The third major area of change is to “lead international efforts in a coordinated assault to combat global climate change and prepare for its impacts.”

There was an effort made last year to reduce  emissions through the creation of carbon pollution standards, but politics and opponents of the plan made it less than fully effective. Many in Washington  realized that cutting air pollution and building the economy through the creation of new, greener technologies could go hand-in-hand, and also protect human health and clean the air. However, the problem is so big and the effects are being felt in such a wide manner across the globe, that the president felt an even more ambitious and wide-ranging plan was required.

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