Obama administration Simplifies Health Care Form as Poll Reveals Many in US confused by Obama Care


Americans are confused about ObamaCare and wonder whether it is the law of the land?

The Obama administration has unveiled simplified forms for health insurance benefits.  Obama points out that his team listened to criticism from consumer goods.  What was the biggest change of these forms?  That total includes a cover page with instructions, and an extra page to fill out if you want to designate someone to help you through the process.  The application has a total of 10 pages for some households.

The law says middle- class people who do not have insurance through their jobs will be able to purchase private insurance.  Most will be able to get tax credits, based on their incomes, to make their premiums more affordable. Low-income uninsured people will be steered to government programs like Medicaid.

Although the new forms are shorter, the administration wasn’t able to get rid of all the complexity. Individuals will have to gather tax returns, pay stubs and other financial records before filling out the application.  People should expect  insurers who will no longer be able to turn away the sick, or charge them more. The health care questions will disappear, but they’ll be replaced by questions about your income.

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