New Social Media Website Memodoo Helps Keep Track of Experiences


How to keep track of all the memorable experiences that life has to offer in the 21st century? We can Memodoo them! Memodoo is a new social media website that helps systemize our memories.

What was the name of that great shop where I bought my coat? What did I get for my birthday last year? What did I think of that George Clooney movie I saw a couple of years ago? If you want to keep track of all your memorable experiences, you can Memodoo them!

Briefly told, Memodoo is 27 logbooks, each focused on a specific type of experience.  Memodooers can choose between logbook categories such as, for instance, Holidays, Moments with Pets, Movies, Parties, Museum Visits, Television, and Birthdays.  They choose themselves how many and which categories should make up their personal Memodoo. The 27 categories are divided into 5 groups: Travel, Culture, Entertaining, Leisure, and Personal Growth.
In each logbook there are written cues that will guide you in your writing and make it easy to remember, review, and rate the experience.

You can Memodoo on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You can share your Memodoo entry on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Or you can choose to keep your Memodoo completely private, just for your own enjoyment. You can also get print Memodoo logbooks.

“The idea for Memodoo came when I read a quote by author and aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh,” Memodoo founder Henrik Kristian Vejlgaard said.

“My diaries were written not to preserve the experience, but to savour it, to make it even more real, more visible and palpable, than in actual life. For in our family an experience was not finished, unless written down,” wrote Lindbergh.

Today many people feel the same way: that an experience is not complete unless you have documented it.  Now, of course, we use social media for that. Memodoo has been created specifically for writing about what is memorable and to create a website where you can easily go back and refresh your memories. There is a lot of joy to be had in reading about all the great experiences that shape your life. On a practical level it is also where you logon when you cannot remember what you ate a restaurant or what you thought of an art show that you saw a couple of years ago. You always have your memory with you when you Memodoo, Vejlgaard says.

Memodoo is available in English, French, and German. It is free to Memodoo.




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