New iPhone to Debut September 10


This is one of many images on the web that claim to show
what the next iPhone may look like.

For those eager to get their hands on the newest Apple iPhone, it looks like the wait is almost over. The next model, whether it’s called the 5S or the 6 will be unveiled at a major press event that has been scheduled for September 10. Rumors about the device have been swirling for months and range from multiple versions (including a so-called cheaper 5C version to a fingerprint scanner and no more round home button at the lower part of the screen.

Whatever actually comes out, you can be very sure that Apple fans will flock to buy it and those who’ve been waiting will finally take the plunge. This should stimulate cell phone sales across the board in the third and fourth quarters (Samsung is debuting their newest Galaxy about a week earlier). This introduction should also get Apple’s board to relax a bit as they’ve been pressuring CEO Tim Cook to pick up the pace of innovation and new products. They worry in that it will have been about a year since the iPhone 5 was brought out though it has been noted that 16 months elapsed between the iPhone 4 and 4S.

For consumers, this is all good news as once the new model(s) hit the market, prices on previous models will drop. Currently the iPhone 4 16GB model is free from many carriers with a new contract, the 4S is $49 and the 5 is down to $129 from an intro price of $199. There are also a number of trade-in deals available from some providers that essentially give you  a free iPhone 5 with the trade-in of your 4 or 4S in good condition.

Finally the new iPhones will probably have some positive effect on Apple’s worldwide share of the smartphone market. It’s been dipping recently but that’s not exactly a surprise. Apple products have always been higher priced than many competitors, but of a higher quality (in many cases). Also, Android phones have been getting more share but they’re also made by multiple manufacturers and many older models have been deeply discounted or given away free, making the competition that much stiffer.

Apple phones are still more secure and stable than most Android phones and Apple still has more apps that are safer and of higher quality than most Android apps. The Android platform has been hit with viruses, phone crashes, security issues and so on while Apple has, so far, dodged many of those issues.

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