New Genes Linked to Obesity



Two new studies have identified more genes that can be linked to obesity in humans. However, many other factors that include diet, lifestyle, age, sex, brain chemistry and other factors all influence weight. Certainly there have always been people that seem to have been born heavy and struggle with weight issues their whole lives. However, one of these studies indicated that the gene mutations they found were probably only responsible for maybe 5 percent of the weight issues we deal with.

While it would be nice to able able to blame your genes for weight issues, it looks like the usual culprits of excessive fat and carbs, too much food and not enough exercise are far more likely to play a major role in helping people lose weight and keep it off. The problem is that most people, overweight or not, want to literally have their cake and eat it too, but not gain weight. Many pharmaceutical companies are watching studies like this closely but recent articles indicate the next wave of weight loss drugs will likely focus on the brain, not the genes.

A great deal of work is being done to figure out the brain chemistry behind feeling hungry versus feeling full and new drugs are being developed to help people feel less hungry and more full by manipulating brain chemistry. Of course, you have to wonder what sort of side effects such drugs might have.

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