New Birthing Trend, Don’t Cut the Cord


Out of all the different options in giving birth I could never have imagined the option of not cutting the umbilical cord.  The first thing that came to mind was is this safe?

A birth consultant Mary Caellaigh, says there are benefits of umbilical non-severance and this involves letting the umbilical chord fall off naturally after birth.  Caellaigh states “A lot of people they don’t understand that the baby, the placenta, they’re all made from the same cells,” said Ceallaigh. “It’s not some kind of waste material the body produces separately.”

Dr. James Van Hook, director of Maternal Fetal Medicine says ” there is a chance that newborns can get a final transfusion of blood cells rich in stem cells and immunoglobulin that theoretically can help the infant fight off infections.  Of course doctors want the safest delivery of the baby and no complications, so they would only recommend this procedure to couples that qualify and willingly want to participate in it.

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