New Approach to Depression


8966675-largePharmaceutical companies make large amounts of money when it comes to treating depression.  One of the unfortunate realities about prescribed medication for depression are the side effects.  People feel worse on the medications, but there might be a treatment that shows to be effective for depression.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, a treatment in which magnetic pulses are used to stimulate parts of the brain believed to be involved in mood regulation. Unlike electroconvulsive or shock therapy, which is also used to treat stubborn depression.

Is TMS dangerous?

TMS does not generally produce seizures.  An advantage of TMS treatment is that it is not invasive and, unlike medication, appears to have few side effects, just occasional discomfort or mild pain in the scalp at the site of the treatment, or headaches. Few patients drop out of treatment because of the pain, however.

TMS can be very costly for patients that have severe depression however, prescription medication for depression is not a cure to severe depression.

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