Netflix Adds Personal Profiles to Service


If you’re a Netflix subscriber with kids, multiple devices and a streaming account, you know how odd things can get when multiple people choose, rate and watch different programs. Now Netflix is adding a profiles feature that will allow each family member to have what amounts to a separate sub-account with their own queue, ratings and recommendations. Netflix officials think this will help subscribers have a better experience in that parents won’t get recommendations for cartoons their kids watched and the kids won’t get a fresh list of Breaking Bad episodes.

“You won’t have to be embarrassed by the content your kids are watching showing up in your Facebook feed any longer,” says Neil Hunt, the company’s chief product officer, “because it will be confined to their Profile, instead.” The new feature will allow up to five distinct profiles for each account and the profiles will be accessible on most devices including iPhones,iPads, smart TVs, video game systems and on the web.

There is also a Facebook tie-in that allows friends to make recommendations based on their viewing and for you to do the same.

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