Natalie Cole Releases New Spanish Language Album


Grammy winning singer Natalie Cole has just released her first album in four years and the big news is that it’s all in Spanish. Natalie Cole En Espanol is the 63-year-old singer’s first studio album in four years and the first since she received a kidney transplant from a young Salvadoran woman who died in childbirth. Cole needed the transplant as she was suffering from Hepatitis C.

The 12-track album was produced by Cuban-American Rudy Perez and features Latin American classics plus one Spanish language version of  a Beatles song. Interestingly, Cole’s father, Nat King Cole also released a Spanish language album Cole Espanol, which was very well received in Spanish speaking countries.

Like her earlier album, Unforgettable, where Cole used technology to “sing” with her deceased father, she pulls off the same trick on this album thanks to a recently discovered recording he did in Cuba in 1956. The father and daughter sing Acercate Mas as a duet on the new album. As neither father or daughter actually speaks (spoke) Spanish, both had to learn the song lyrics phonetically.

“Black people and Hispanic people have the same kind of feel for passion, for music, for fun, for heart,” Cole said. “We are very similar in that way and that to me is the next language. I love French … I love Portuguese, I love Italiano, but for me right now is Espanol,” she said in a recent interview.

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