Napping: Helpful or harmful to your sleep?


28107623-a-handsome-young-adult-man-sleeping-in-bedSleep deprivation is not uncommon for most Americans living in the United States.  Do you feel tired in the morning or is it difficult to fall asleep at night?  The struggle to put your mind to rest can be rather frustrating.

Do naps during the day get in the way of sleep at night?

Dr. Manny Ramirez says “The longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to go into deeper stages of sleep when you finally do lay down at night.”

Taking a nap causes the brain to get rid of adenosine rapidly, so you may have a harder time falling asleep later on in the night.  It is recommended to take naps for no longer than 20 minutes.  Studies show that people who took midday naps performed up to 20 percent better in memory exercises than those who didn’t.

Next time you feel tired during the day reward yourself with a nap.  Recent research has revealed  sleep may help clear out the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for short-term memory – to make room for new information.

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