My Word: Targeting Latina teen pregnancy


5435382676_18680d2080Sex education can help combat teenage pregnancy rates and it should begin in the home and continue in school.  The Latina population is struggling with this issue as statistics show that 4 in 10 having at least one pregnancy before age 20. The young teenage girls that struggle the most are the ones who come from households lower on the socioeconomic ladder.  Teenage girls all over the country should have access to sex education and birth control, which will go a long way in helping girls avoid getting pregnant.

At least one city is looking to fight these numbers. In Orlando, Florida a new program specifically aimed the Latina population promises to help. ¡Cuídate! helps Latino youths develop knowledge, attitudes and skills to reduce their risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The program comes after a study conducted at  Planned Parenthood and the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health at New York University. They conducted scientific polling to explore Latinos’ attitudes and found that teenage pregnancy is perceived to be a huge concern for for the Latino community.  Eighty-seven percent of Latinos said addressing teen pregnancy is a major priority — just as important as staying in school.

More programs like Cuidate should be organized because educating our young people in academics is not enough in this society.  Teenage pregnancy is a nationwide concern and programs like this are what will truly make a difference.

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