MRSA lives for a week on seat-back pockets in airplanes, research shows

131121150859-plane-annoying-things-10-horizontal-galleryTravel season is right around the corner, but do you often wonder about your health while you travel?
With people travelling in and out of countries someone is bound to get sick because of the incubated germs on airplanes.
Researchers from Auburn University took two common, nasty bacteria and, in a lab, painted them on six surfaces that passengers routinely touch inside airplane cabins. 
What are the conclusions from this study?
Transmission of E. Coli in sweat on tray tables remained very high even after 72 hours, but was at zero within the same time period for armrests and toilet handles.  “The take-home message is be careful about your hand hygiene and don’t travel while contagious or immune compromised,” said Kiril Vaglenov, a post-doctoral fellow in materials science at Auburn, who led the research.
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