Most parents not worried about children’s screen time


Too much television time was frowned upon when I was growing up.  Do parents worry about their children’s media time anymore, or are they too busy with their own media gadgets?

Ellen Wartella, a researcher from Northwestern university reported “we generally found that media use is not a source of conflict in the home” at least for parents and kids up to age 8.  Child development experts advise parents to limit children’s tv time particularly because they affect children’s learning and creativity.  In a nationwide survey 2,326 parents Nearly 8 in 10 parents said their children’s media use was not a source of family conflict; 55% said they were “not too” or “not at all” concerned about it, while 30% said they were concerned.

Parents who allow children to have a television in their rooms seem to do the most damage as this can result in obesity and problems with attention, sleep and school.   When look at the nation’s problems with obesity we should consider if four hours in front of a tv is contributing to this epidemic.  Children are also being deprived of social interactions and are not using their imaginations when they are playing video games.

Technological advancements catch everyone’s attention, but parents should take a look at the big picture and that is their children’s futures.  Media time in moderation is not going to hurt anyone, who knows it might even promote more quality family time.

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