Morning- After Pill Is Not a Cure-All

morning after pill

Will making the Plan B pill more accessible to teenage girls really serve its purpose?

Surprisingly many scientists at the Food and drug administration have endorsed easier access to Plan B pills.

What changes will making the Plan B pill more available provoke in young women?

It’s unlikely to trigger another sexual revolution, change sexual mores, or even to reduce pregnancy rates among unmarried women, most observers agree. The pill is quite expensive costing women $50 to purchase.  Still, Plan B and another option, Next Choice, were effective in at least half of the instances they were used.  Does this mean that young women could take this pill after the first 48 hours?  Some studies have found that the drugs are just as effective two to four days after unprotected sex as they are when taken the next day.

Making the morning after pill more available does not imply women will actually use it.  Even when the pill was available to women in clinical trials they refrained from taking  it.  Older girls simply used other forms of birth control to avoid pregnancy.  Girls from troubled backgrounds indicated that they were more careless about having sex when given access to the morning after pill.

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