Microsoft Redesigns Bing to Challenge Google


Microsoft has been busy redesigning their Bing search page to work better over different platforms and screen sizes. They’ve also revamped the way results are displayed including a new ‘Page Zero’ which pops up a quick answer to a query before the user even sees the full search results. Obviously, the entire intent is to try and steal some of Google’s thunder and since people like new shiny things, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a bright new design.

The question that always come to mind is whether or not Bing works as well as Google for people doing everyday research or just looking for a new restaurant to try. After years of tweaking and adjusting the underlying search algorithms, almost all major search engines return decent results for most normal searches. The difference between the engines becomes more apparent if you do very technical or specific types of searches. Google is number one for a reason as their algorithms are still likely the most accurate and they also have more hardware and brains behind their efforts since they’ve been at it longer than most.

What Microsoft has done with Bing is great and the engine works very well. However, I find it highly unlikely anyone at Google is staying up nights worrying about it.

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