Medicare Overpays Billions for Office Visits, Patient Evaluations


medicareMedicare pays for hospital visits and patient evaluations every year, but how do patients know if they are being overcharged for the visits?

The inspector general’s report, released today, estimates that overpayments account for 21 percent of the $32.3 billion spent on evaluation and management (E&M) services in 2010. The E&M category includes office visits, emergency room assessments and inpatient hospital evaluations.

The question at hand is, are these physicians billing appropriately?

Dwayne Grant, regional inspector general found that Overall, more than half of the claims were billed at the wrong rate or lacked documentation to justify the service.

If Medicare is abused then what will happen to it years down the  line?

The coding regulations in medical billing need to be better structured, so that tax payer dollars are not being abused.

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