Male Infertility: Guys Deny It; Wives Carry the Burden


male_infertility_f4svyInfertility is a stressful ordeal for couples that are attempting to have a baby. Most of the time when there is infertility in a couple, women are thought to be the infertile ones.  Why must they carry the heavy burden of infertility?

Research indicates about 30 percent of all infertility is attributed to male factors, according to Resolve: The National Infertility Association.  The group says men are not as willing as their female partners to talk about their experience, adding on its website that “perhaps this is because we traditionally think of children as a woman’s province, or because over the ages, conception has been thought of as the woman’s responsibility.”

It is unfortunate if a couple has an infertility problem that the woman must be the one that has to find a solution.  The stigma with male infertility starts right in the doctor’s office.  Infertile men should be educated on the anatomy,physiology, and pathology so that their partners don’t have to cope with this issue alone.

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