Longer School Year: Will It Help Or Hurt U.S. Students?


Are American students behind academically compared to the rest of the world?

Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a chief proponent of the longer school year, says American students have fallen behind the world academically.  Adding more education time can only benefit students in the United States.  Five states announced they would add at least 300 hours to the academic calendar in some schools beginning this year.

People that agree with this proposal state that American kids loose too much knowledge during the summer time.  Supporters say a longer school year would give more poor children access to school provided healthy meals.  This proposal does not favor parents because they would have to fill the gaps with after school programs, day care, babysitters and camps.

“It makes sense that more time is going to equate to more learning, but then you have to equate that to more professional development for teachers – will that get more bang for the buck?” said Patte Barth, the center’s director.

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  1. julia.a.falk@gmail.com'
    Julia Falk 4 years ago

    For the over 1,000 ELT schools across the country that are
    excelling with additional learning time, time really is the game changer. These schools
    are using more time to foster deeper collaboration among teachers, strengthen
    instruction, and above all else, create more meaningful opportunities for both
    students and teachers to build relationships. If we can create meaningful
    opportunities and make connections that make students want to stay in school,
    then we – as teachers, parents, advocates – have done our job. Check out the #expandedlearning movement! @TSC https://www.timetosucceed.com/

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