Longer School Days

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Schools with low income communities are becoming part of a pilot project which are selected from 5 states, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Colorado and Tennessee. The schools are being added at least 300 hours, whether it’s longer days or longer school year. It’s a comprehensive effort involving state and federal governments, community organizations, teachers unions, and private groups.

Lengthening the school day or year, but doing it in innovative ways that could reshape the structure of the school day, and how teachers and students think about learning. The 11 districts taking part in the initiative will have a year to plan. Their plans will all be different, but backers of the program expect them to adhere to some basic principles and hope that the new schedules will involve a rethinking of what’s possible.

Schools might explore both traditional and computer-mediated learning. Students might get more time for internships or project-based opportunities. Teachers should gain time for collaboration and planning.

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