Limited Access to Mental Health Care for Youth, Teens


Mental health care services are important in the development of children and teens.  A healthy start in mental health perhaps could make all of the difference in a child’s life.

A new national survey revealed many adults believe children and teens do not receive the medical health services that they need.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation commissioned the National Voices Project to facilitate a five-year study of how adults who work and volunteer every day on behalf of children perceive access to mental health services for kids and teens on a local community level.

What were participants asked in the study?

They were asked how much availability is in their communities for teens and children to receive health care services.  More than half of the participants replied there  is “lots of availability” for teens to have hospital care (55 percent) and primary care (56 percent) in their communities.  When asked about healthcare services only 30% responded with “lots of availability”  for mental health care.

Matthew M. Davis, M.D., says “Even in communities where there are lots of opportunities for children and teens to get primary care or hospital care, access to mental health care is lacking.”

Mental care is not as frequently used as primary care or hospital care can this mean is simply not needed?

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