Let’s Keep Girls’ Education in the Global Spotlight

educate young girls

educate young girlsEducation for young girls around the globe is not where it should be.  The Boko Haram militant abduction of 270 girls from their boarding school in Nigeria has helped shed light on the gaps in education around the world for young girls.   According to UNESCO reports, in some countries, as many as 9 out of 10 of the poorest young women have not completed primary school; in a handful of places — like the Central African Republic, Niger, Chad and Malawi — fewer than 1 in 200 girls make it to university.

Some of the problems that interfere with the educating young girls in these poor countries  are costly school fees, social norms, shortages of female teachers, inadequate sanitation facilities.  A new global campaign CHIME FOR CHANGE has helped raise funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s rights.  Young girls around the world have received aid and can be more educated and contribute to their communities.

CHIME FOR CHANGE has helped girls in Nigeria have receive mentorship and leadership training, girls in Kenya were tutored in math and English, women in Mexico have learned business skills and improved their literacy, teachers have been trained in South Sudan.

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