Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!


Last week I had the honor to be part of the Easter Egg Roll at the White House.  This year’s theme was very dear to me.  It became a call to action to lead a healthier life.  This is a huge issue currently affecting our Latino community:

Let’s Go

Mi gente, the best time is NOW to get up and go.  How often do we say that we’ll start going to the gym on “Monday” (yo soy la más culpable), or on “the first of next month” or “as soon as xxx happens”- only to realize that it never happened.  Let’s go Today! Let’s get started.  I’m not a gym person so I bought a used treadmill and started working out today.  Who’s ready to join me?

Let’s Play

My favorite of all three calls to action.  My father died when I was 6 and let me tell you, I don’t remember what he gave me or what he bought me.  All I remember is how much we played together.  When active playing becomes part of the day to day, obesity drastically drops.  However the benefit here isn’t only to prevent us from getting gorditos.  Playing together offers a series of parent-child bonding opportunities like nothing else.   If you run out of ideas, think about coaching a little league or creating a good partida with friends and family members.  Fun guaranteed so Let’s Play!

Let’s Move

According to the Women’s Health Organization, 6 out of 10 Latinas are not active.  Even worse, 3 out of 4 Mexican Americans are overweight or obese.   As you know obesity leads to the number one killers in the country.  This includes Type 2 Diabetes, Heart diseases, strokes, arthritis to name a few.  So it’s time for us to start moving to lead an active life style.  Otherwise we will be the largest generation of sick Americans.  A mover el esqueleto mi gente! Life is one and we must enjoy it to the fullest.

If we don’t feel like doing it for ourselves, then we have to do it for our kids.  It is super important to help our kids to get into sports, to get off the couch, to enjoy some real games like we used to when we were kids.  The best is to lead by example.  Let’s make a commitment to Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move Hoy Mismo!  Te apuntas?

If your answer is yes, I’ve started tracking all my activities in FitnessPal.com  – I would love to get some company there.  It can get pretty lonely and together we can reach our fitness goal faster.  My username is: AnaRc

Ahi te espero!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizations that helped make yesterday a fun day for my kids.  The Let’s Move Campaign which is full of resources in English and Spanish.  The Kid Tribe  team that organized the fun Hoopapalooza which my kids loved.    The many athletes that got our kids to move and feel proud.  Last but not least, a huge thanks to the First Lady who came among us to cheer our kids like only a mom is capable of doing.  Gracias!



  1. daisytalks2planets@yahoo.com'
    Rose 8 years ago

    “However the benefit here isn’t only to prevent us from getting gorditos.” Haha–I laughed out loud at that one! All joking aside, though, it’s true that a lot of our cravings and bad habits get started sitting indoors. If my kids watch tv or play video games too long, I think their whole body and soul feels like something is missing because they automatically start wandering into the kitchen to open the fridge! I don’t think they even know why, and that’s how it starts…cravings, weight gain, depression…Like you said, it helps to have company and we can all beat this trend together!

  2. ana@premiersocialmedia.com'
    AnaRC 8 years ago

    You’re so right Rose. Spending too much time in front of the tv will only lead to more trips to the fridge.  Plus a passive live style with no active learning.  Join the program and let’s get rid of the gordura together~  

  3. joliedupre@mailinator.com'
    Jolie du Pre 8 years ago

    An Easter Egg Roll at the White House, now that’s fun!  Yes, heart disease and strokes are the number one killers of humans, and that’s something that crosses racial lines.  I admire the First Lady for making health and nutrition a priority during her time in the White House.  We need women like her to lead the way, because many Americans really are overweight.

  4. lyssaturner@yahoo.com'
    Lyssaturner 7 years ago

    This is something we all need to work on! I’m excited by the First Lady Obama’s initiative! Thanks for sharing this and inspiring others!

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