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LearnZillion is a social venture that helps teachers and parents meet the needs of every student.  Its online platform offers a practical solution to teachers, schools and districts implementing the new Common Core State Standards – high quality, Common Core lessons created by top teachers from around the country.
LearnZillion offers more than 2,000 lessons and resources for free.  It’s a great tool for teachers but it’s also a great resource for parents. Parents can watch video lessons with their children and support learning at home knowing that their approach now mirrors that of their child’s teacher.
Many of LearnZillion’s videos are available in Spanish as well.

They are currently recruiting great teachers from around the country for their 2013 Dream Team. Dream Team teachers will work with coaches to create lessons and materials built from the Common Core State Standards. All lessons created will be freely available to teachers and parents on LearnZillion.com.

They’re looking for teachers who want to broaden their impact beyond the classroom, learn from content experts, and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. This summer, they are recruiting math and literacy teachers in grades 2 through 12.  

The work is virtual and flexible and each Dream Team teacher gets paid $2000 to create approximately 20 lessons and all related materials.  

Thanks to the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dream Team teachers will also participate in TeachFest in San Francisco (3 days of fun and professional development), the first weekend in May, all expenses covered.  

To learn more and begin an application, visit LearnZillion.com/join. 
There is a two-part application process. 
The first part, due January 27th, consists of three short (100-300 words) essay questions. 
The second part, due March 1st,  requires drafting your own LearnZillion style lesson.




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