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The LATISM leaders have been crazy busy with the national conference organization.  I am personally humbled by the overwhelming number of submissions we have received. The high quality of the speakers and the relevance of the proposed sessions make it really hard to make the final selection.  However it also screams loud and clear that Latino(a)s are leading the country in the areas of Education, Health, Technology and Business.  It gives me a great sense of pride to read all the wonderful things are being done by the Latino innovators.

We will be announcing the first round of speakers in the next 10 days.  It will take us some time to make the final list.  As you know, we are a volunteer based organization and time is very limited.  Also we really want to make sure that the top of the top is presented.  Quality is extremely important for us.  This is only possible thanks to the level of curation and due diligence we place in the selection process.  Yes, we want to be inclusive but yes, we must keep up with the high quality of content you are used to at the LATISM conferences.  It’s our stamp!

Now we need more help! This year’s conference will be amazing.  Finally we are at a point where we can focus on our core mission without fear.  For those of you who are new to LATISM, our mission is “To empower the Latino community in the areas of Education, Technology, Health and Business through the use of tech innovation and social media”  – LATISM’12 will focus on those four verticals.

We have a track record of selling out the conference and I’m sure we’ll keep up with that record this year.  However, we need more help to reach out to the experts in each field.  The best way to do this is by getting industry experts like you to help us reach out to your own networks.  As a developer of educational technologies, I’m connected to the Technology and Education industries.   But there are other technologies out there that have their own niches.  I can think of the green technology and the health innovators to name a few.  If you belong to any niche and are as passionate as we are to bring everyone together, please fill out the volunteer form below and tell us how you would like to help.

This will be the first time that Latino innovators get together using such a multi-discipline approach.  Our common denominator will be tech innovation and new media.  You can help shape this historical event by bringing your two cents.  All this for the benefit of a community that is staying behind in each of the areas we want to tackle.  So now is the time to bring our fuerza together and see how we can find synergies of collaboration.  There is no doubt in my heart that we can move mountains if we bring our resources to the same table. We’re forming committees and task forces and we need you.  Let us know who you are and what keeps you up at night in this form.
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    Marco R. 5 years ago

    I’m not the type that stands in the frontline when big events unfold, but if you’re a Latino then you have to get involved with Latism now more than ever. I honestly don’t know if I’m qualified to lend a hand, but I completed the form anyways because there’s a possibility that I can pitch in for the movement. Now is not the time to get shy people, now is time to get together to help Latism grow as a community, together.

    Alma 5 years ago

    Everyone please get involved and become part of the Latism community. I always thought shy and reserved people like me should stand back and let others take the lead, but I don’t want to take the backseat anymore and I want to move with the leaders of our movement. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and tell the leaders of Latism what you can do para su comunidad. Juntos we can achieve anything!

    Rose 5 years ago

    I just submitted the form! I don’t know if I have two cents, or one cent, or five cents to offer, but I want to do my part to show the world the power of Latinos and Latinas in technology. We cannot have a revolución without revolucionarios, and this means each and every person with their own special knowledge and their special contribution that no one else can make!

    Javier 5 years ago

    I haven’t filled out the form yet but I’m trying to convince myself to do so. I too don’t know what I can offer to Latism but I believe participation alone could help in the ways of support, in a way letting the leaders of Latism know that they’re not alone. I’ll submit the info on the little I know and hopefully I’ll be able to do my part as a Latino.

    Alejandro 5 years ago

    It’s truly exciting to learn that things are going so well with Latism and so many people are willing to lend their hands for the cause. I’ve never been this motivated for a cause and a worthy cause I might add, I also want to find out if I can be of service for my hermanos y hermanas.

    Pablo_M 5 years ago

    I don’t know how much help you guys need in terms of marketing but I can definitely help out in that field. This is a great movement and one that I’d be proud to be part of. I’ll spread the word to my friends and co-workers and make sure many more around me submit their information here.

    Bernardo 5 years ago

    Filled out and completed. I don’t know if I’m going to be chosen in the field I opted to help out, but I just want the organizers at Latism know that I’m willing to help out in any capacity that I can. If that means looking after things, helping out at conventions, or even cleaning up after a convention I’m willing to do.

    Cesar 5 years ago

    It feels exceptionally good to learn that Latism is growing and growing so fast. I think it’s also a testament of our Latino brothers and sisters coming together to support this respectable movement. I want to do my part and so should all the Latinos. If you can’t participate personally than please spread the word.

    Emilio 5 years ago

    There’s no doubt that I’m excited for Latism and the buzz it’s been making lately, but I’m even more excited for the prospect of meeting many professionals in different fields if I’m selected to participate as a volunteer. I’ve been involved in similar events and I know from firsthand experience that you gain much more than you give if you can become an insider to a great movement such as Latism.

    AnaRC 5 years ago

    You’re so right Alma! Juntos we can achieve anything.  Thank you for stepping up and for encouraging so many to jump in as well.  Can’t wait to work with you.

    Ricardo 5 years ago

    It is my humble opinion that Latism will be only as good as we make it to be. The founder can take it only so far and so it is our job to make it excel and grow beyond its current level. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our children to grow Latism beyond everyone’s expectation. Please join in and help this great cause. I’ll be doing it right now as well.

    Carlos 5 years ago

    I do web design for a living so my expertise is not too rare but I submitted the form anyways in case Latism could still use someone with my skill sets. I hesitated for a second thinking that might not be needed, but then you never know and I’m sure the more help Latism gets the better. I hope I get picked 🙂

    Sydneyvalerio 5 years ago

    Just completed the form and can’t wait to join the efforts and conference!

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