9/22 LATISM Twitter Party: Defining Our Latino Identity with FORD!

Twitter Party Invite

When it comes to our Latino Identity… I’m sure we all have questions like these from time to time:

  • Am I Dominican/Mexican/Salvadorian/fill-in-the-blank? Am I an Alien?
  • Am I Latin American because of my birth, culture or descent… or am I American by virtue of birth, naturalization or acculturation?
  • Where do I fit in this so-called “American Melting Pot”?
  • Is it even an actual melting pot anymore… or is it more like a “salad bowl” where every ingredient keeps its own identity, united only by the mix of flavors in the salad dressing of choice?
  • To push it a bit further… Could America possibly be more like a cultural buffet, where anyone can come, pick and choose any identity they prefer because it feels and tastes good, regardless of actual ethnic affiliation, language or, well, flavor?

The question of Latino Identity, its opportunities and challenges are at the CORE of EVERY SINGLE SESSION at our LATISM ’11 Conference… And tonight, we will explore every aspect of it – no holds barred!

Joining us will be the good folks from FORD en español. And how can it be more perfect!? As the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fifth-largest in the world, FORD represents all that America is [or should be]: A land of opportunity, growth and pride in who you are… and where you come from!

Tonight, our celebration of all things Hispanic/Latino/Indigenous/Human will continue! As part of our month-long perennial Hispanic Heritage celebration, we will be chatting, sharing, grooving to all things Latino Identity!

  • Where are you from (literally and figuratively)… and how do you define that?
  • What REALLY makes someone Latino? Is it language, culture, affinity, birthplace? What?
  • Is There such a thing as a US Latino Identity?
  • Is speaking Spanish a requirement for someone to be considered Latin@?
  • With so many mixed families in the US, will the Latino identity become clearer or disappear?

We’ll also be sharing videos from special surprise guests, part of FORD’s “De dónde Eres? campaign:

  • A “Dancing with the Stars” contestant
  • A Social Media Guru
  • An International Theater Director AND
  • An HIV Activist

Find out what all of these people have in common (hey… you may even recognize a few of these faces! 😉

Join us tonight at 9pm EST, on that special place where the only ID you need to have fun is to be HUMAN… and that, mi gente, deserves a MAJOR WEPA!!





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