Feature Friday: Give it up for some of LATISM’s Rock Stars!

Guest post by Juan Alanis (@juanofwords) – Edited by Gina Ruiz (@GinaRuiz)

If ever you would put together a list of social media rock stars, these ladies and gent would definitely make the cut.  We’d roll out the red carpet for them, fly them in from across the United States, and Mexico, and sit them down for likely one of the most entertaining conversations we’ve ever had, in Spanglish at that!  From Florida to San Anton, Dallas to Los Angeles, even El Salvador soon… and an up and coming online Familia, this group of Latinos In Social Media offer a little bit of everything.

Jesse Luna (@jesseluna)
A modern day renaissance man, Jesse is a Social Media consultant, trainer, blogger, speaker, etc., based out of Santa Paula, California, dedicated to EMPOWERING organizations online.  But long before his days as a national resource for organizations of all sizes interested in using social media to further their overall efforts, Jesse was an avid Ballet Folklórico member at Stanford University, and an elementary and middle school teacher in the Los Angeles and Bay areas.  He holds a Masters in Computer Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Denver, and is the founder and president of JP Luna Media.  As one of only two gents in this group, Jesse can hold his own in any crowd and is always an entertaining tuitero. Read more about Jesse here.

Multicultural Familia (@mculturalfam)
One of the newest members of the LATISM family, Multicultural Familia is the brainchild of Chantilly Patiño (@biculturalmom), a regular on our radar and yours, and officially is an online magazine and community where modern families can connect with diverse individuals and resources.  But more to the point, as Chantilly points out, with 15 percent of all marriages in the United States currently between people of different races or ethnicities, this new online resource is THE place for talking about all things multicultural: from mixed race hair to racism and discrimination.  On top of that, Chantilly has united a virtual army of talented bloggers who all contribute regularly to Multicultural Familia.

Claudia L. Del Cid (@cmdelcid)
Definitely the life of many a party, this Salvadoreña based out of Florida is all about the great conversation and small detallitos.  Her blog, Latina y Social pretty much sums it up.  To be one of Claudia’s followers means always literally laughing out loud, with her, in ongoing conversations, to receive sunny, smiley good morning tweets on a regular basis, and reading one of the most honest, entertaining, well written, in Spanish, blogs on the net.  And yummy!  Claudia blogs about her life and Latino culture in general, especially the food.  Her pictures always make my mouth water.  A copywriter by profession, Claudia is also a Latina mother and wife, and somehow always finds time to make her followers feel special.  ¡Tiene Sazón! Soon she will be moving to El Salvador with her family and will continue blogging from her native country. Her blog is here.

Victor Landa (@vlanda)
Founder of the website New Taco, Victor Landa is all news all the time.  Whether on video, print or any other medium, Victor has dedicated his life to informing the people.  A repatriated border brat, born in San Antonio, Texas, reared on the U.S.-Mexico border (Laredo/Nuevo Laredo), Victor has worked mostly in TV news, at Univision and Telemundo, and has also written opinion columns for the San Antonio Express-News.  For 19 years to be exact.  On top of all this, Victor is the owner of Palabrero Communications where he advises clients on interactive media strategy, community relations and message crafting.  His favorite taco is fajita con guacamole and next week he will be a panelist with PRSA’s Travel and Tourism Conference in San Antonio. Find him at The News Taco.

Byrdie Franco Rocha (@byrdiefranco)
A true leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth Hispanic community, Byrdie has made a name for herself as both someone who cares and a very capable marketing professional.  She was recently featured in the Dallas Business Journal as one of that city’s “People on the Move,” and through the Hispanic Communicators of Dallas-Fort Worth, Byrdie is currently working with Time Warner Cable to introduce young girls in her community to the world of media and communications.  Connect a Million Minds, the name of this initiative, will partner with Byrdie’s local ABC affiliate in Dallas to make this project possible.  Also an administrator of the Facebook page Wise Latinas, when she’s not giving back, Byrdie is an avid twitterer and Facebooker. Find her on LinkedIn.

Are there any other tweeps you believe should be in this list? Is it YOU? Tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll feature them/you in an upcoming Feature Friday!!

About The Author:

Juan Alanis (@juanofwords) is a South Texas based writer living in Houston who owns and operates the blog www.JuanofWords.com. You can read his brand new column at the Houston Chronicle’s La Voz de Houston:  Juan of Words – A blog by a Latino for Latinos…y Más. Also, don’t miss Juan’s hilarious misadventures, compelling stories, random thoughts and entertaining prose at his blog.



  1. sue@unalunadoslunas.com'
    Sue Valencia 8 years ago

    Amazing people all of them! Yay! Starting with the author of this Feature Friday. Latism world rocks!

  2. AngryLatino1@gmail.com'
    angrylatino 8 years ago

    All of them well deserved of the feature. LATISM is filled with great peeps.

  3. igarciasjsu@yahoo.com'
    Isabel Garcia 8 years ago

    Indeed, they are exceptional Latinos in Social Media! 

  4. contact@chantillypatino.com'
    Chantilly Patiño 8 years ago

    Awesome!  So proud to be on this list!  Thank you Juan and LATISM for including me!  🙂  P.S.  Great list!

  5. ana@spanglishbaby.com'
    Ana L. Flores 8 years ago

    Great list, Juan! You did a great job showcasing their amazing-ness!

  6. brendano@d2eds.com'
    Brendano 8 years ago

    I’m sad I didn’t make it into the list. :'(

  7. fi@d2ad.com'
    Fi 8 years ago

    Aww there there. Whta’s your Twitter?

  8. ignatius@d23wad.com'
    Ignatius 8 years ago

    Let’s keep them coming!

  9. maria@d24ad.com'
    Maria 8 years ago

    I agree! But why are you so angry?

  10. rob@d24ead.com'
    Rob 8 years ago

    I agree – what a great list you’ve compiled there!

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