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What a parent does at home has a big impact on how kids do at school. Homework is one big area that parents need to get involved in. Parents can really help kids establish good homework habits and make sure kids get their work done.

Helping kids with homework is much easier said than HECHO! Tired kids and even more tired parents have a tough time transitioning beyond the simple worksheets, of the first years in school. It’s hard to find the time, stay calm and get it done.

Sometimes, it’s even harder to help.  For example, I completely forgot how to do geometry. Pop Quiz! How do you calculate a mean and a mode number? Get the idea?

Helping with homework gets even harder, if you don’t speak English and you grew up with a different education system or had very little education yourself.

So how do we get that homework done?

Calling all parent, teachers, education experts and anyone interested in helping latino kids to join us for a #Latism #homework chat tonight. Lets discuss homework challenges, your best homework tips and resources available to help Latino kids with homework.

Join me!


Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2013






Hashtag: #LATISM #Homework

Time: 9pm EST




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