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For a Healthy Life: Loving Yourself Deeply

Written by Eliana Tardio, @ELIANATARDIO, https://www.elianatardio.com

twitter-party-graphicThrough both social media and traditional media, we are surrounded by reverse messages of self-love. They intend to standardize the image of normalcy, beauty and success by telling us how we should look or be perceived in order to be worth our own love and affection.

These repetitive messages dig deep in our minds by creating subconscious thoughts.

Many times, without even thinking about it, we may find ourselves stressed and unhappy with others, ourselves, and our lives. Not only that, we may hurt ourselves personally and impact everyone around us as we feel insufficient and unworthy.  This is why, in order to live truly healthy lives, we must start by loving ourselves deeply.


*** Join us this Thursday, June 23, 2016 in Twitterlandia at 9pm EST to talk about the foundation of a healthy life: Self-love ***

Let’s all together pledge to be a community of strong and proud individuals who understand that a healthy person is the reflection of self-love, while healthy communities are the reflection of our personal commitment to being happy and proud individuals, together.

Let’s open our minds to diversity while we practice tolerance and teach our children these concepts by setting a daily example. A healthy and open mind allows us to overcome challenges with strength and hope, to find joy in the simple things, and to be successful by celebrating our individuality and our unrepeatable beauty. Let’s celebrate each other and honor ourselves to keep our communities and our lives healthy and hopeful.

—– LATISM en Español:

Para Una Vida Saludable: Amarte a Ti Mismo Profundamente

A través de social media y los medios tradicionales, estamos rodeados de mensajes inversos de amor propio que intentan estandarizar la imagen de normalidad, belleza y éxito al decirnos cómo debemos vernos o ser percibidos para ganarnos nuestro propio amor y respeto.

Estos repetitivos mensajes cavan profundo en nuestras mentes creando mensajes inconscientes, y muchas veces, sin siquiera pensarlo, nos encontramos estresados e infelices con nosotros mismos, nuestras vidas, y quienes nos rodean. No solo eso puede hacernos daños a nosotros mismos pero también impacta nuestro entorno mientras nos sentimos inferiores. Es por eso que para vivir vidas saludables tenemos que empezar por amarnos a nosotros mismos.

*** Unete a nosotros este Jueves, 23 de junio del 2016, en Twitter a las 9PM (est), para hablar de la base de una vida saludable: El amor propio ***  

Juntos hagamos el compromiso de trabajar por una comunidad de individious fuertes y orgullosos que comprenden que una persona saludable es el reflejo del amor propio, asi como nuestras comunidades saludables son el reflejo de nuestro propósito personal de sentirnos felices y orgullosos de nosotros mismos.

Abramos nuestras mentes a la diversidad mientras practicamos la tolerancia y le enseñamos a nuestros hijos a hacer lo mismo con nuestro ejemplo. Una mente saludable y abierta nos permite supercar los retos con fortaleza, disfrutar la magia de las pequeñas cosas, y alcanzar el éxito celebrando nuestra individualidad e irrepetible belleza.

Celebrémosnos los unos a los otros para mantener nuestras comunidades saludables y llenas de esperanza.


Eliana Tardio’s personal goal is to make of this world a more inclusive place for everyone. As a Latina immigrant who came to this country about 12 years ago, she’s faced several challenges, which include immigration status, language barriers, and the most challenging and strengthening at the same time: to become the mother of her two beautiful children with Down syndrome.

She started blogging more than nine years ago right after her second child was born. In her own words, “Challenges may be incredibly tough but love is amazingly empowering.” She has grown along with her children, who are now 12 and 9 years old, to understand that self-love is the foundation of success and real happiness. “The most valuable lesson we can give to our children is to teach them by example to love themselves in their weaknesses and strengths in order to grow up healthy and strong by celebrating their individuality.”
Named by LATISM as Best Latino Advocate in 2015, Eliana leads a proactive community of parents around the world through her blog www.elianatardio.com, as she works as the Diversity and Outreach Director for the Parent Education Network; a project funded by the Department of Education.


Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing the social, civic, and economic status of the Latino Community though technology innovation and social media.  It has grown organically to more than 190,000 members with 22 chapters around the country since 2009.

LATISM actively engages in digital communities to ensure that online discourse more accurately reflects the rich diversity of thought, heritage, and culture in our changing society.  Our mission is to empower the Latino community in the areas of Education, Health, Technology, and Business through the use of tech innovation and social media.  We help Latinos adopt and make full use of online social networks and applications by providing capacity-building opportunities, information, resources and networking platforms.



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