LATISM dreams come true

I am so grateful this Sunday.  Not only because of the fact that I am enjoying a healthy family and the delicious smell of a sancocho which I’m preparing for dinner with great expectations of an official jartura! but I would like to ask you to celebrate with us some big dreams that have just come true:

1) BlogWorld: Two years ago, I was invited to speak at BlogWorld for the first time. The minute I got to Vegas, I felt the magic of that conference.  There were only 5 Latino(a)s there and we all got together and made a toast to bring more Latinos to the conference.  The level of the bloggers, the huge size of the communities, the top brands…. that was exactly what nuestra gente needed to be a part of.  Only two years later I have the joy to see this dream come true. Dave and Rick, the Co-Founders of BlogWorld, have generously offered 100 scholarships to the Latinos in Social Media.  You heard that right! ONE HUNDRED!

I would like to thank the BlogWorld team for welcoming our community to their conference.  This partnership means a lot to each one of the scholarship recipients. I hope this will be the beginning of a long term relationship. This is a huge commitment to bring diversity to the BlogWorld house and a bold statement of inclusion.  I truly hope that other conferences learn from Dave and Rick.  They are leading the diversity torch right now. And, LATISM is already invading the #BWNY stream!

And if you happen to be in town for BlogWorld next week, come visit us at LATISM!  The LATISM-NY chapter is organizing a great Tweet-up at the Univision Headquarters. We put together a remarkable panel of Latino bloggers, activists, and government relations officials will address the topics of citizenship and the implications of 2010 Census results on the Latino vote. Let’s discover together how our influence and loud cyber voices can help drive more involvement in every area… especially civic engagement.  When we push for change together, we can move mountains.  Please RSVP here. That way we’ll have enough food!  This tweetup will run from 6:30 to 8:30.  I really hope to see you all there.

2) LATISM’s First Tech Start-up Awards: As many of you know, I am the fruit of an incubator program called HTR (High-Tech Rochester).  They were the first ones to believe in me, my ideas and my projects.  They welcomed my dreams and helped me turn a goal into a concrete reality.  I’ve always dreamed of doing the same for mi gente.  Finally after 4 years, I can start touching this dream with my hands at the LATISM Latin02 Tech Start-up Awards .

At the LATINO2 conference, we will see 4 Start-up founders pitch their great ideas.  The lucky winner will earn all kinds of prizes which will include professional mentoring, public relations services, development hours, a marketing makeover and some cash.  We are getting together a group of professionals and companies that want to chip-in to the first Latin@ Tech Start-Up fund.  So if you know any Venture Capitalist who would like to break the cycle of only funding .5% of Latino Tech Startups, here is a great opportunity.  At the same time, if you know any brilliant Latino(a) out there who started a tech venture, please nominate them here.  The deadline for nominations will be this Wednesday, May 25th. The amazing tech leader Eva Smith is leading this project for LATISM.  You may contact her for questions.

According to the Venture Capital Human Report, Latino founders receiving V.C. funding for their tech ventures are sadly less than 1%.  This isn’t thanks to the fact that they don’t need it.  And it certainly isn’t because they don’t exist.  Hell yeah, we exist! and with pretty good ideas too.  I hope that Latino2 will bring the best ones to light.  And I hope that you can help with your support.

How can you help? In many ways: by voting for the ones you like, by making a donation to their fund, by asking your connections to get involved with the project, by cheer leading for them, by actively joining their service and more.  Let’s break the cycle right now. Having a successful Latino(a) do the next big thing will be the best inspiration and hope we can give to our kids.

Here’s to more dreams coming true for all of us!



    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    How awesome is THAT!!! to unlock wide open the doors to BlogWorld, to recognize the hidden treasures of our tech entrepreneurs at Latino2, and to welcome our #LATISM family and friends to the hart of NYC at Univision HQ.

    Dreams know no boundaries! 


    Monique 9 years ago

     Amazing things happening and well deserved!! 

  3. Trav 9 years ago

    5 Latino(a)s at BlogWorld?

    Wow! that’s the same amount I saw back in in the early to mid-90’s when I went to my first “Internet” conference in San Jose ca. The five I saw were the janitors. Heck, people actually thought I was a janitor until they would hold a conversation with me and see how much I new about computers.. and this coming from a Latino! I basically was the only Latino Geek there!.. hahahaha

    Ana_vazquez_17 9 years ago

    Great Blog! The Latino community has so much to offer– so much potential!
    There always has to be a way to keep moving forward. On a related note, check out:

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