LATISM & @DiversityUS Will Celebrate Independence Day And The Contributions Of American Latinos

Written by our LATISM community member and co-host this week: Dania Santana @DiversityUS

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day we want to reflect and highlight the contributions American Latinos have given to this country. It is important for us to recognize the men and women that help defend our freedom and put their lives on the line for the greater good. More than that, we want to talk about the many different ways in which Latinos represent America with pride and why it matters.

The story of Hispanics and American freedom goes back to the American Revolution, with the involvement of Juan de Miralles Trailhon and General Bernardo de Galvez, who were instrumental in preventing the British from encircling the American army from the south.  Moreover, when we forward to recent decades we know that hundreds of Latinos have contribute in the military, fought in different wars and continue to serve today here and abroad.

For many Latino families military service means so much more than defending the nation.  It has traditionally been seen as a way to prove themselves as true Americans in the quest for achieving more diversity and inclusion not only in the military but also in the lives of Latinos in American society. Nowadays, the undeniable record of Latinos in the military service is a strong evidence of our commitment to freedom and justice in the US.

There are many other areas in which Latinos represent and bring pride to America through their contributions. We want to discuss what it means to be American, and how Latinos view the freedoms that are awarded to them under the constitution.

Moreover, we want to discuss how each one of us can contribute to strengthen that freedom with more fairness, diversity and inclusion for all Americans. Please join us this coming Thursday at 9:00pm for a #LATISM party, and let’s celebrate freedom and Independence!

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As an advocate, a trainer, a teacher, and a writer who raises cultural awareness to create social change, Dania helps parents and children understand and embrace multiculturalism and diversity as a way of creating a peaceful and harmonious society without having to give up their own cultural values and heritage.

Dania Santana is a published author and speaker on the subject of multiculturalism. She is the creator and founder of the bilingual site Embracing Diversity,  a website that creates awareness about American Latinos, Multicultural Living, and Being Bilingual.

She is also the mastermind creator behind La Familia Cool fictional world that portraits the new Latino family through multiracial, multicultural and bilingual characters. Dania is also the author of ‘La Familia Cool: El tesoro más valioso / The most valuable treasure’ bilingual children’s book. The picture book was a finalist on the 2016 International Book Awards, and received Honorable Mention from the 2016 San Francisco Book Festival and the 2016 New York Festival.



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