#Latism #DACA Chat Recap May 2


The DREAM Act is very important for young people in the United States who have been living here practically their whole lives.  It is a big portion of immigration reform.  Young people shall have the same rights as other native born students to pursue a college education.  This chat covered topics in the application process, immigration system and legal action. On May 3, 2013 our Latism community joined us on a very important chat.  Here is what they had to say…

Enriqueta TuranzasEnriqueta Turanzas

@ergeekgoddess Benefits- retention of talent, people who have contributed to our communities in all walks of life they are families. #latism


#DACA recipients would be eligible for Registered Provisional Immigrant status after passing background check. 1/2 #Latism

Join us live in 2 hours at 8 CST for #DeferredAction tweet chat w/ @LATISM @VISANOW @NCLR @TheNewsTaco http://ow.ly/kAhHY 

@ergeekgoddess1 The main focus are 1-time has come to modernize our immigration system & 2-face the reality of 11 million ppl #latism #DACA

Why to Apply for DACA Now If You’re Waiting for the DREAM Act http://goo.gl/Affm6  #latism #DACA

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