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I am honored by the fact that we have received over 60 applications and emails to form a LATISM Chapter. All the applicants are real Latinos in Social Media who want to bring our mission forward. What a humbling experience. It means that our Lideres are taking charge and replying to our call to lead their respective tribes.
In a way my initial reaction would have been “Let’s say yes to all” but my experience in community building leads me to think that we must grow in a sustainable, organic and responsible manner. For this reason we will only allow up to 20 LATISM Chapters this year. We will be starting 2 at a time in the next weeks. This way we can make sure that strong partnerships are built among the team of LATISM Directors. We cannot expect to see this happen automatically. The team must get to know the strengths of each member in order to shine and be ready to empower their fellow LATISM members in their chapter.
We will answer each and everyone of you in the next weeks about our decision. But please be patient and understand that we are all volunteers at LATISM since every penny we receive is donated to our fellow Latinos in Social Media and to pay for all the learning opportunities we are offering.
Those of you in the New York and New Jersey area, I hope to see you on Thursday at the LATISM-NY Tweetup. We will be talking about “Using Social Media for Social Good” and collecting school supplies for our Sustainable Development Project. If you haven’t register, please do so here.
I would like to personally thank Johnson and Johnson for sponsoring this Tweetup. Thanks to their donation we will be able to grant scholarships to BlogWorld and 2 iPads.

Nos vemos pronto!



    Reina Valenzuela 9 years ago

    I agree, it must be a process, to build and adjust to our growth with a strong commitment to moving the Latino community forward!


    AnaRC 9 years ago

    Thank you Reina. You’ve seen what it takes to build a chapter. So we must be responsible to build a solid network of networks

  3. Lissette Estrada 9 years ago

    Please contact me because I have been intrested, but @ergeekgoddess mobile is not working. Please DM me. Thanks! Lissy

  4. Lissette Estrada 9 years ago

    Please also DM me your contact info. My telephone erased it. Wait until I call Blackberry…

    Alejandra 9 years ago

    Hi Ana!
    Awesome announcement! Do we need to fill out a formal application?
    We’ve been interested for a while and in contact with Elianne but haven’t seen a formal application yet.


    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    Hi, guys, glad to announce my phone is back up!
    And yes, there is a formal application – we’ve been revising it because, as you must know, there are some implications to the way we set up the chapters as an organization. We will be sending those out ASAP.
    Chapters will be formed in the order the requests have been received. We will be getting in touch with all of you who are interested soon!

    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    please see my reply above 🙂

    ElianneRamos 9 years ago

    It’s back up now, Lissette 😉

    Elma Placeres Dieppa 9 years ago

    Like the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. This process will serve to build a strong foundation for LATISM both nationally and locally ensuring its long term success. How exciting!!

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