LATISM, Bloggers and CDC: Kids and Teen Vaccine Party Recap


In our continued efforts to be a provider of information and resources, a platform for our members to voice their concerns and a facilitator of access to resources and subject authorities, LATISM partnered with the Center for Disease Control in a campaign about kids and teens health, particularly as it pertains to vaccines like HPV.

The campaign was mainly aimed at finding out Latino parent’s thoughts and to share resources that may help them make rational and informed decisions when it comes to vaccination choices for themselves and their children.

Under this premise, on Wednesday, July 13th, we held a special LATISM party on vaccinations with special guest @VaccineMomCDC. Participant included bloggers, parents, health professionals and tweeps who shared concerns but also plenty of ideas on how to become more informed and ways to better share vaccine information with Latino parents.

Below is the transcript. Enjoy and please share this very important information with people in your lives.


The second part of the campaign looked to engage bloggers, and we had the participation of some of the most influential ones in the Latino community. Below you’ll find their very personal stories about their doubts and their journey to become more educated health-care consumers. LATISM Thanks the following bloggers for participating and urges you to please support them, subscribe and share their stories! If you have a story of your own to share, please submit it to –




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