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Jobs that offer paid leave and flexibility are associated with a variety of health and economic benefits. Unfortunately, Latinos are less likely to have access to these jobs. Part of historical trends resulting from decades of institutionalized racism and the fact that workers of color are more likely to be employed in low-wage, low-quality jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics their data shows that employed people of color are less likely to have any kind of paid leave or workplace flexibility.

Everyone gets sick sometimes but not everyone can get the necessary time off from work. In every 6 in 10 workers have access to paid sick days through their job, which means that 57.3 million workers can be at risk of losing their job or their day’s pay. Due to the requirements of the Family and Medical Leave Act 46.9 percent are guaranteed unpaid leave.

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    Elisa 7 years ago

    Thank you for publishing this important article! In discussing job creation in this country, we need to be talking about “good” jobs — jobs with living wages, flexible work schedules, health benefits and such that allow parents to raise their children with dignity. Having a parent work many hours and/or multiple jobs without so much as a paid sick day is bad for that family, workplace and our country’s economy in general. I will certainly pass on this article!

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