Latinos to become new baby boomers


The immigration reform has questioned the contribution of immigrants to our economy.  The Hispanic population is expected to grow and it is crucial to examine the role of Hispanics in our economy.  

According to a report from AHAA,   Hispanic consumers earn between $50,000 and $100,000 a year account for 15m households in the US.

How are Latinos expected to become the next baby boomers?

The AHAA report established that 75% were under the age of 45 and 77% had households with four or more members.
Upscale Latinos obtained their present positions by owning homes and graduating from college.  The statistics indicate 75% of the segment owned a home and 79% had some college or had graduated college, and compared it to Southern California, where the comparable figures, at 56% and 43% respectively, were much lower.

All of these statistics show a promising future for the Hispanic population.  Hopefully, future Latinos generations contribute to these accomplishments and they continue to boost the American economy.

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