Latinos Students Are Highest Users of Mobile Device


According to a national survey,the Latinos kids use laptops to do their homework. President of the Verizon Foundation, Rose Stuckey Kirk says “As with any new technology, there can be a generational gap and it is no different with these devices.”

Sixty-eight percent of Latino middle school students use laptops for homework, compared to 64 percent of African-American students and 62 percent of non-Latino white students.  The same applies to tablets; 38 percent of Hispanic students surveyed do homework on tablet devices, while 30 percent of African-Americans and 31 percent of non-Hispanic whites do the same.

Latino students also reported studying with these devices more frequently. Sixty-five percent of Hispanic students use laptops more than once a week. The statistics are very different, though, when it comes to how many middle school students can use these devices in the classroom.  Only 18 percent of the students surveyed report using tablets in school.

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