Latinos and The American Dream – #LATISM Party Transcript


For those of us now virtually addicted to the Thursday night Twitter convos on #LATISM [and you know YOU are!], it comes at no surprise to know our tweeps have No Pelos En La Lengua.

As you’ll see in the following clips and our LATISM & The American Dream Transcript, their point of views, ideals and approaches as to how to get what they want are not always in tandem. Some may blow off some steam about the things that irk them about the system, some go on rampant tangents about attitudes in our own people and/or celebrities. Some take it all in stride and throw in a joke or two [always appreciated when the discussion gets a bit heated].

Our humble hope? That our conversations online can continue to be what we have always intended: a springboard for raising awareness, a platform for exchanging ideas, and a catalyst for action that starts with each of us individually and can ultimately transform our community.

As we discussed the ever-elusive ideal called “The American Dream” last night, it suddenly hit me: Here is a group of people with the brains, passion, determination and resolve to achieve whatever kind of dream they decide to –American or otherwise!

Why, you ask? Because they are REDEFINING it!

And isn’t that what the American Dream is ultimately made of?

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